Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The New Brace

We finally have in our possession, a hip abduction brace for Mackenzie.

Nevermind the fact that we go back to Edmonton in 2 weeks and are hoping that we will be down to her only needing to wear the brace while she sleeps.

It is still a little bulkier than I was hoping for.  It has hard plastic around the back part and then foam pieces that wrap around her legs.   Around her waist is just a piece of velcro.  It is definitely more breathable and she isn't completely soaked underneath when she wakes up in the morning.  It is definitely a lot more of a process to get her in and out of this one though.

The price, I think, is what shocked me the most.  Our diaper splint cost us $9.50, which was covered by our health insurance.  This one cost over $300, for not even that much more material!  All but $91 is covered by a government program.  I'm not really sure what is is exactly because the Orthotic place filled out and sent away all the paperwork for us.  They also were able to direct bill the remaining cost to our health insurance, which was nice to not to have to deal with that hassle.

She can sit in this brace without it pushing into her stomach, however there is a hard plastic "bar" between her legs under her bum that she almost has to "balance" on.  She doesn't seem to pull herself into a standing position as much in this one - probably because it is more secure and doesn't allow her as much movement as the diaper splint.  She also seems to be a bit slower with the crawling in this new one.

I dont think you would ever find a brace that would be perfect, because perfect would be your child not needing a brace.  It is nice to have the two options though depending on what we are doing in the day.

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